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(Ballot) Secret Islay 30yo, The Whisky Jury

Each bottle purchase of The Whisky Jury Islay 30 Year Old Nanyang Whisky exclusive bottling of will be entitled for 1 ballot entry. 12 ballot winner will be eligible to buy the bottle at RRP SGD$520.


Bottle Details:

Distillery: Secret Islay

Bottler: The Whisky Jury (TWJ)

Vintage: 1990

Bottled: 2021

Stated Age: 30 years old

Casktype: Refill barrel

Casknumber: 4404303

Number of bottles: 264

Strength: 51.5 % Vol.

(Ballot) Secret Islay 30yo, The Whisky Jury

  • Nose: such elegance! The Islay peat has been transformed into gentle, waxy smoke which leaves plenty of room for fruity notes. Think apricots, pink grapefruit and some sweet and sour pineapple. Subtle spearmint (evolving into camphor over time), honey and tiny herbal notes. Just a whiff of vanilla and polished wood. Hints of lemony brine and dusty canvas. Excellent.

    Mouth: smokier, more mineral now, with coal smoke and a subtle tarry note, including a gently bitter herbal side. Very refined again. The second wave of aromas is fruit: more pineapple, hints of green mango and apple. Increasing notes of herbal tea towards the end, alongside floral honey and a pinch of pepper.

    Finish: long, still showing some fruits, mixed with medicinal potions, cardamom and a subtle waxy echo.

    A highly refined, complex and layered Islay malt, just like the label that adornes it. The price is fair as well. What’s more to say about this beauty?

  • Looks like this is a sister cask (bravo, S.!) Colour: light gold. Nose: close, just more almondy, fatter, oilier, less briny. With water: fresh mint coming out, as well as lemons, crabs, kippers, seaweed, just 'peat', olives, ashes and this time again, fresh oil paint. What a pretty picture. Mouth (neat): I'm not even sure anyone would need to write or say anything about this wee whisky that's just keeping the entirety of its promises. With water: we almost recreated cask #4404302. Well done, I think I'll send my resumé to all booze konzerns right tomorrow. Finish: verbena and lemon lifting it. Comments: adorable and exceptional old peater that you may quaff with or without H2O, your choice. Between us, this could have been an official 30 just as well – at four times the price and with very unmotivating labels. Yep.
    SGP:556 – 91 points.

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