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Full of tropical fruits - peaches, apricots, pears with hints of pineapples and lemons. Followed by minerals, chalk, limestones, and tapers off with a rounder, beeswax and

caramel note. Mouth-watering, waxiness/creaminess on the palate. We also get hints of white pepper, and overripe bananas at the end of the palate. Ending off with a peppery, mentholated herb finish.


Mildly smoky, lots of flints, pebbles, limestone, and other mineral qualities. A whiff of sea air and pine-scented soap, with coastal notes. Heathery, honeyed freshness, ripe apples, and burning wood ashes. An enthralling mix of sweetness, salinity and medical notes. Wonderful richness, buttery sweetness, soft dried herbal notes, lightly pepperered with oysters and lemons and some tobacco / cigar notes.


Extremely complex - beach pebbles and grassy/herbal smoke - with fruity undertones – we get a touch of jackfruit, champada, orange, unripe pineapples, some nail polish. Wet fabrics, wool. The smoke is medicinal and not ashy but its so sweet. A perfect strength and body with structure, and a tug of war of herbal, coastal notes and  juicy fruits. Slight hints of white pepper  and, medicinal peat as well. Ends off with some seawater, a grapefruit zest.

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