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Barbancourt 2004 Rum, Liquid Treasures

Bottle Details:

Distillery: Barbancourt

Bottler: Liquid Treasures (LT)

Bottling serie: Liquid Treasures Rum Session No. 5

Vintage: 2004

Bottled: 2017

Stated Age: 13 years old

Strength: 54.6 % Vol.

Barbancourt 2004 Rum, Liquid Treasures

  • It’s very unusual to come across some independent Barbancourt! Colour: pale gold. Nose: a very light style this time, and this is probably ‘column’ Barbancourt, almost diaphanous, but very elegant and complex. Flower petals, bananas, sugarcane (it is extremely sugarcane-y), a few grasses and herbs… It’s a whispering rum, but it’s complex and, as they say in marketing brochures, intriguing. With water: a drop of motor oil, a drop of olive oil.

    Mouth (neat): less shy for sure, and rather on tarry bananas, while there’s this columny ‘unfatness’ that remains. Soft lemon juice (with warm water, as the doctors advise). With water: it’s the softness that’s very noticeable. It’s as if Barbancourt was becoming more and more Cuban.

    Finish: medium, very nice, but a little soft for me. I mean, I prefer my rums with a little more body. Comments: great bottling, just not quite my preferred style (remember, from a malt lover’s point of view, etc.) 

    SGP:441 - 82 points.

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