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Ben Nevis 1996, The Whisky Jury

Bottle Details:
Distillery: Ben Nevis

Bottler: The Whisky Jury (TWJ)

Vintage: 1996

Bottled: 2019

Stated Age: 23 years old

Casktype: Refill Hogshead

Casknumber: 1315

Number of bottles: 260

Strength: 51.6 % Vol.

Ben Nevis 1996, The Whisky Jury

  • Yet another new wee bottler, but I find this very refreshing. These guys carry more passion than any large and rather blasé, and consequently pretty arrogant booze consortium. I say those should work on their values, and chop-chop. Coz BS lifestyle is dead and buried; back to the product! Colour: pale gold.


    Nose: typical, unquestionable, chalky, waxy, lemony, barley-y, with whiffs of warm hay in the midst of summer and high-class hand cream. And perhaps a little maracuja. With water: once again, careful with water, Ben Nevis no swim well always, as they say in Sicily (?)


    Mouth (neat): oooh! More tropical fruits here, mangos, maracuja… And grapefruits, bell pepper, horseradish (we don’t find that too often in whisky)… With water: really cool, midway between the austere chalky ones, and the easier, fruitier ones. Yet, do not add too much water. Finish: log, with more spices. Comments: yup (I’ve decided to expurgate my comments for the time being).

    SGP:562 - 89 points.

  • Nose: starts fresh and slightly more vertical and citrusy than the 1995, or so it seems. Lemons and lime. Over time there’s also pineapple. Growing wet chalky notes and lovely paraffin. A late hint of vanilla as well.


    Mouth: here as well, slightly more citrusy at first. Lemon peel, greengages, plenty of grapefruits, mixing with green tea. In a second wave there are more tropical fruits: yellow grapefruit becomes pink, flashes of pineapple and guava. It’s slightly less Irish though, if you know what I mean. A nice combination of fatty texture and bright citrus.


    Finish: long and minty, with waxy echoes and a herbal edge.


    We really can’t get enough of these Ben Nevis expressions from 1995 and 1996. The Whisky Jury definitely selected excellent examples. I may have a personal preference towards the 1995 but this is equally tasty.

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