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Taransaay Blended 2007, Liquid Treasures

Bottle Details:

Bottler: Liquid Treasures (LT)

Bottling serie: From Miles Away - Artist Edition 2020

Vintage: 04.2007

Bottled: 02.2020

Stated Age: 12 years old

Casktype: Ex Bourbon Barrel

Casknumber: 4

Number of bottles: 249

Strength: 59.5 % Vol.

Taransaay Blended 2007, Liquid Treasures


  • How could a blended Scotch stem from one single cask, unless it had been blended along the path and further ‘marriaged’ for a few years? This one’s also called ‘From Miles Away’, I suppose that’s a reference to Miles Davis? Having said, the label’s beautiful. Colour: white wine. Nose: varnish, popcorn and candyfloss plus vanilla and a little coconut, there is well some grain in there. With water: light, with a little soot.


    Mouth (neat): a feeling of Cuban rum and smoked maize, not unpleasant, just unusual. With water: some minerals and a little apple juice, with a touch of smoke. Finish: medium, a little grassier. Comments: perhaps not a bitches’ brew (ha-ha) but still a very fair drop that would defeat most commercial blends. I feel I should add that the price is extremely fair.

    SGP:442 - 80 points.

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