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Guyana Diamond Rum 2011, Or Sileis

Bottle Details:
Distillery: Diamond, Guyana Rum
Bottler: Or Sileis (OrSe)
Bottling Serie: Or Sileis x Drunk Choice
Vintage: 2011
Bottled: 2020
Stated Age: 9 years old
Strength: 67.4 % Vol.
Casktype: Bourbon Barrel
Number of bottles: 248

Guyana Diamond Rum 2011, Or Sileis

  • Comforting, right. To think that this wee thing travelled to and from Taiwan by plane! Colour: virtually red. Lovely garnet. Nose: I'm getting a little incense and whiffs of rose and perhaps balsa wood, and for sure ripe pomegranate and a huge barbecued T-bone steak. But no chances will be taken here, so… With water: guess what, it's rather a lighter Diamond, not one from the pot-stills. Rather a lot of caramel and roasted nuts, molasses aplenty, then carrot cake. It's very intriguing, reminding me of some 'rhums de sucrerie'. Which it probably is, by the way. Lovely earthiness coming out, roots… Mouth (neat): this is frightening, is it not? But after all, we've already tried bourbons that were at 70% plus (yeah well, look how that worked out, S.) Rich, thick, caramelly, with a feeling of deeply stewed Campari or something. Boy does it move like honey, you'd almost need a spoon to get it out of your glass. Quite. With water: all on molasses, burnt caramel, brownies…  Finish: medium, sweeter, rather on Demerara sugar, rather appropriately. Comments: a beast to frighten your enemies and your mother-in-law. With really a lot of water, it gets as gentle as a lamb. Not an estery one for sure.

    SGP:640 - 83 points.

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