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Long Pond 2007, Swell de Spirits, 500ml

Bottle Details:

Distillery: Long Pond

Bottler: Swell de Spirits (SdS)

Bottling serie: Swell & Co series

Vintage: 2007

Bottled: 2022

Strength: 68.0 % Vol.

Maturation: 13 years in Jamaica, 2 years in Europe

Volume: 500ml

Long Pond 2007, Swell de Spirits, 500ml

  • Will this be a 'TECA' (1000), a 'TECB' (1300) or a 'TECC' (1500)? Anyway, thank you bottlers and distillers, you seem to believe that we humble tasters are immortal. I mean 68 f****g % vol.! For crying out loud, save us (S., you sissy!)  Colour: red amber. Nose: all kinds of varnishes and a whole focaccia filled with black olives. Not a bad start. With water: same! Plus menthol cigarettes and candied citrons. Candied citrons are part of my own Pantheon, a shame that they are so hard to come by. Mouth (neat): tops salted glues and varnishes. Right. With water: some dirtiness chiming in, always a good sign, while on the other hand, the core would get softer and rounder, I was about to write 'cakey'. Finish: long, with the olives winning it. The esters too, although I wouldn't say it's 'very high esters' Long Pond. So probably no 'TEC', I was probably wrong once more. Comments: joke aside, marvellous Long Pond. Plus, your bottle will be eternal, at this strength.
    SGP:463 - 90 points.

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