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Old Paddy's Milestone "Ailsa Bay" 2011, The Duchess

Bottle Details:

Distillery: Bunnahabhain Distillery

Bottler: The Duchess (TDu)

Bottling serie: Game & Wildlife

Vintage: 2011

Bottled: 2021

Stated Age: 10 years old

Strength: 54.6 % Vol.
Casktype: Bourbon

Casknumber: 801404

Old Paddy's Milestone "Ailsa Bay" 2011, The Duchess


  • Nose;
    Fruity is the keyword here; Apricots’, peaches, ripe Mago’s and vanilla a combined with a wee scent of fresh cut grass, green apples an eucalyptus. This is lowland whisky in its purest form!

    The before mentioned savors are once again eminent; Apricots’, peaches fresh cut grass, green apples and some nutmeg. A creamy mouthfeel and butterscotch candy.

    A mildly and smooth finish that brings new savors of pear drops to the foreground and some fresh lemony zest.

    Balance and Complexity;
    Well balanced in both nosing and tasting. No off notes and it does have that grassy lowland style. The complexity is in the eucalyptus and nutmeg savors, very tasty!
    An honest dram this is. This a bargain it tastes exactly as a suburb lowlander should be. This all the way the lowlands are known for; a fresh and exciting dram well worth the purchase. A true BFYB (Bang For Your Buck) whisky.

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